“Peyton had a great experience with the Shikani Speaking Valve, and I recommend it to other parents whose children are struggling using other valves.”

“Up until this point, I had been very depressed about having the trach because it had been so difficult to breathe…I can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be without the Shikani Speaking Valve because it literally gave me back my life.”

“This valve has been more readily accepted than other valves we have used.”

“I can breathe. I can talk. I feel good. And I’m here, talking, and for a while there I really thought I would never talk again.”

“I’ve been told that I speak more clearly, and it seems like I don’t have to breathe as hard or as much…[and] it’s a lot smaller.”

“It felt so good to be able to breathe and talk without feeling like I was suffocating.”

“The Shikani HMEs are so much better for this kid’s lungs because they’re actually providing the humidity that they are supposed to provide.”

“I used this valve for a 17 month old girl with a tracheostomy who was unable to tolerate other valves for any length of time. The Shikani Speaking Valve allowed her the ability to breathe more freely without the ‘panicked’ look on her face that she would get from other valves.”

“I put it on and I’ve never taken it off since. The Shikani Speaking Valve changed my life dramatically.”

“With this Shikani [valve], it’s easier to breathe and easier to speak and use…I like this valve, and I think it’s the best one out there, and I wouldn’t use any other one.”

Shirley’s story: learn how Shirley has benefited from using the Shikani Speaking Valve™.

The Shikani Speaking Valve™ is associated with lower airflow resistance and enhanced breathing and comfort. This is particularly important for the young and the elderly, who have borderline pulmonary capacity.

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The Shikani Speaking Valve™ has been used with children as young as 10 months through adolescence. View Carly’s experience with the valve, and see how it’s resulted in longer periods of sound play during therapy.

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