Smart Solutions for Tracheotomy Patients

At The Airway Company, we are dedicated to designing innovative products for tracheotomy patients. Our mission is simple: make speech attainable, make breathing easier, restore pulmonary health, and improve the tracheotomy patient’s quality of life. To date, thousands of patients enjoy the many advantages of the Shikani Speaking Valve™ and the Shikani HME™.

The Shikani Speaking Valve™, based on a novel ball design, is the first true innovation in the field of phonation speaking valves. As compared to existing flapper membrane valves, our ball valve offers many unique advantages. In addition to restoring speech, patients can benefit from:

  • Significantly lower airflow resistance, resulting in increased comfort, tolerance, and ease of breathing.
  • Superior voice quality and speech naturalness.
  • Superior olfaction.
  • More effective cough.
  • Improved swallowing.
  • The valve’s discreet, low-profile design (smaller than flapper valves).
  • The valve’s unique ability to be used with a heat moisture exchanger (HME), allowing effective speech and humidification, warming, and filtration of inhaled air at the same time.

The Shikani HME™ (Heat Moisture Exchanger) is a revolutionary device that helps tracheotomy patients restore their pulmonary health. In particular, the device warms, humidifies, and filters inhaled air – essential functions performed by the nose and mouth, which are bypassed when patients breathe directly through the tracheotomy tube. The updated design of the Shikani HME™ also includes an oxygen port and connectable lightweight oxygen tube, which can deliver supplemental oxygen to the tracheotomized patient. Users of the Shikani HME™ can benefit from:

  • More normalized and uniform temperature and humidity levels from inhaled air.
  • Substantially increased particle filtration from inhaled air.
  • Improved oxygenation (for those patients who require supplemental oxygen).
  • Reduced mucus secretion and thickening.
  • Reduced risk of pulmonary infection.
  • Improved pulmonary conditions and health.

Used together, the Shikani Speaking Valve™ and Shikani HME™ allow patients to speak and improve their lung health simultaneously, a paradigm shift in tracheotomy patient care. Although these devices can be used independent of one another, the combination of the two restores a tracheotomy patient’s quality of life in an unmatched way.