Smart Solutions for Tracheotomy Patients

At the Airway Company, we are dedicated to designing innovative and revolutionary products for tracheotomy patients. Our mission is simple: make speech attainable, make breathing easier, restore pulmonary health, and improve the patient’s quality of life. Our devices are designed not only to achieve this mission but also to be as light, discrete, and comfortable as possible. To date, thousands of patients enjoy the many advantages of the Shikani Speaking Valve™ and the Shikani HME™.

The Shikani Speaking Valve™ is the first true innovation in the field of phonation speaking valves. The valve’s novel ball valve design allows tracheotomy patients to speak and breathe more freely and with significantly less airway resistance as compared to competitive flapper speaking valves on the market today.

The Shikani HME™ (Heat & Moisture Exchanger) is a revolutionary device that allows patients to restore their pulmonary health. The device warms, humidifies, and filters inhaled air, and is uniquely designed to work in conjunction with the Shikani Speaking Valve™, which allows patients to speak and humidify air simultaneously, a paradigm shift in tracheotomy patient care.

Used in unison, the Shikani Speaking Valve™ and the Shikani HME™ replicate many of the essential functions of the nose and mouth, which are bypassed when the patient breathes directly through the tracheotomy tube. Although these devices can be used independent of one another, the combination of the two restores a tracheotomy patient’s quality of life in an unmatched way.

Our primary responsibility is to the tracheotomy patients, speech language pathologists, respiratory therapists, ENT physicians, and other providers who specialize in airway disorders. We have an active research and development program, and we constantly strive to provide the highest quality products and devices in order to meet the needs of the patients.