New Shikani HME™ with Oxygen Port

Available in early 2020!

More efficient oxygen delivery to the tracheotomy patient

Background: many tracheotomized patients, whether or not they are using a speaking valve, require supplemental oxygen. The oxygen is typically delivered as a supplement to the room air that they are breathing, rather than as pure or near-pure oxygen. The oxygen is compressed in a gas cylinder that provides convenient storage, without the requirement for refrigeration found with liquid storage. A small portable cylinder holds 164 or 170 liters (5.8 or 6.0 cu ft.) and weighs 1.3 to 1.6 kilograms (2.9 to 3.5 lb). The oxygen delivery is controlled by a flowmeter, and supplemental oxygen is typically delivered directly to the tracheotomy tube via a tracheotomy mask at a flow rate between 5 and 10 lpm (which delivers 35% to 55% oxygen). At these rates, current small portable oxygen tanks can last:

  • Between 1-2 hours only, depending on the size of the tank, when used in continuous flow
  • Between 2.5-6 hours at most, even when used with a conserving regulator pulse dose flow

The Shikani HME™ (Heat Moisture Exchanger) with Oxygen Port is a novel device that delivers supplemental oxygen to the tracheotomized patient, while providing the same advantages of the original Shikani HME™: efficient warming, humidifying and filtering of inhaled air, along with the ability to be coupled with the Shikani Speaking Valve™. The updated Shikani HME™ with Oxygen Port is designed to deliver continuous low-flow oxygen to the tracheotomized patient at an optimally efficient rate, and the device aims to use the least amount of oxygen (lpm) needed in order to minimize oxygen waste. Ultimately, the result is not only a well-oxygenated patient, but also a longer lasting oxygen tank.

An additional advantage of the Shikani HME™ with Oxygen Port is that its connecting tube (i.e. the tube that connects the HME with the oxygen supply tank) is a small, light, and soft catheter, which is considerably lighter and more comfortable than many of the existing delivery hoses that are used with traditional oxygen-HMEs currently on the market.

Consistent with the mission of The Airway Company, the Shikani HME™ with Oxygen Port is a small, discreet and more comfortable medical device that has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of the tracheotomy patient.