Shikani Speaking Valve (SSV)
The Shikani Speaking Valve allows tracheostomy patients to achieve a more normalized airway system with reduced infections, managed secretions, reduced aspiration, and improved swallowing and olfaction. Designed to help tracheostomy patients communicate clearly while minimizing the effort required to breathe, the Shikani Speaking Valve is the first valve to give tracheostomy patients complete control over how airflow is directed into the upper airway.

Flexible Design

This two-way valve gives tracheostomy patients complete control over how airflow is directed into the upper airway.
The Bias Open position allows patients to breathe through the tracheostomy tube as if there were no valve in place until they go to voice. This position allows patients to utilize a speaking valve earlier in the recovery period and is ideal for patients with a unique anatomy (narrowing of the airway or partial airway obstruction).
Bias Open is achieved by placing the valve so that the small, half-moon-shaped notch on the front is positioned at 12 o'clock or "up." See Figure 1 below.
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Figure 1:
The Bias Closed position is recommended for patients who can tolerate every single breath going into the upper airway.
Bias Closed is achieved by placing the valve so that the small, half-moon-shaped notch on the front is positioned at 6 o'clock or "down." See Figure 2 below.
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Retaining Lanyard

Included with each Shikani Speaking Valve is a flexible retaining lanyard for attaching the valve to the tracheostomy tube to prevent loss of the valve.

Lightweight Ball Design

Offers lower resistance during inhalation, enabling patients to inhale easily.

Compatible with the Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME)

The Shikani Speaking Valve is currently the only valve on the market that can be utilized in conjunction with an HME, allowing patients to receive the benefits of speech and increased pulmonary health

Available in three different colors

Depending on the level of visibility desired, patients can select clear, tan or blue.

The Shikani Speaking Valve is made in the USA

The Shikani Speaking Valve and the Shikani HME are proudly made in the USA and have received FDA clearance for compliance, patient safety and marketing.
Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME)
Patients who undergo a tracheotomy breathe through their neck and lose the ability to filter, humidify or warm the air through the nose and the nasopharynx. Colder (temperature is typically 68 degrees, but varies) and dryer (humidity is typically 42%) air enters the lungs, along with unfiltered inhaled particles, which results in increased secretions and cough. The Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger Filter (S-HME) is designed to help tracheotomy patients regain some of these lost respiratory functions. When placed over the tracheostomy tube, the S-HME captures warm and moist air in special media, as it is exhaled from the body. The cool, dry air that the patient inhales passes through the media where it is warmed and moistened as it enters the lungs.

Revolutionary Design

The Shikani HME is an exceptional HME that incorporates three unique design elements for optimal and efficient air flow while maintaining an acceptable level of humidification.

Powerful Combination

The use of a speaking valve and an HME together allows tracheostomy patients to receive the benefits of both speech and increased pulmonary health.

Unique outer shell design facilitates flow

First, the dimpled/curved section in the center of the distal wall directs the airflow into the center of the HME and thus into the ball valve intake or tracheostomy tube. This detail improves airflow through the HME and redirects the flow more smoothly into and out of the speaking valve or tracheostomy tube.
Figure 1:

Unique outer shell design enhances humidification

The domed distal wall shape provides additional volume and dead space above the HME media, in order to enhance condensation within the body, thereby enhancing humidification within the small profile of this HME.

Shape of The Shikani Speaking Valve and Shikani HME allow effective coupled performance as a single smaller unit

This HME also takes advantage of the unique size and low profile design of this ball design speaking valve in order to maintain a very low visual profile. Air flow through the HME is designed to take advantage of the space to the sides of the compact ball valve when attached. Utilizing the volume in this laterally situated area to provide the desired media contact area necessary for achieving humidification allows this HME design to present a much lower visible profile. These three design elements allow both efficient airflow through the HME, sufficient contact area and contact time to produce a desired level of humidification effect, and a highly desirable low visual profile for the patient
Figure 2:

Universal HME Also Available

A universal HME is also available to fit any standard 15mm tracheostomy tube cannula.